1:400 North Italian Airport

Here I am,
This is my 1:400 small airport based in North Italy, it still has work to do.


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That would be super cool! With all the US RJ’s that have been coming out, I’m sure you could get a really nice setup going!
yeah indeed, I plan on buying:
-Alaska erj 170 lr to Seattle
-Delta crj 200 to Minneapolis
-Delta crj 700 to Salt Lake City
-American erj 175 to Dallas
A lot has changed on the airport since the last update... things have moved forward (a bit slowly) but with my new 1:400 arrival i've started planning out a few big things for the airport.

But before I get in the details of the future of the airport I will show how it is currently.20240512_093137.jpg20240512_093147.jpg20240512_163037.jpg20240518_151746.jpg20240518_151759 (1).jpg

So lately I've been playing a bit with ground details like the thin black retaining strypes for the yellow lines... and I added some weathering and details.
Since I would want 4 new planes in the short future I definitely need more than 4 parking spaces so I designed a development plan.

Screenshot (124).png
The plans are big for the small airport, the biggest change in the form is definitely the change of runway, converting the old one to a taxiway and adding a new and wider runway to the side (45 meters wide).
Another big change is the new aproon area that will be built within the old runway and the current aprron; this will give me the opportunity to build 2 new small / medium parkings that will feature a turning radius and a new road layout.
I will also add a new parking marking in the a350 rated parking so i can use the space better for medium planes.
I have measured all the clearance needed for the planes and the gates and I have come out with the solution of having only the vertical taxi rated for the a350 to pass since i wouldn't be able to fit it on the other taxis.