What was your first NG Model?

Mine was NG’s very first 787.

Qantas 787-9 VH-ZND ‘Yam Dreaming’ Sample



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A true beauty! I did not know about NG by the time this one got released. Hope to see a re-release someday.
Yeah... I really hope they rerelease the entire QF 787 lineup with the updated gears... The standard and 100 years livery's main landing gears are too long, and Yam Dreaming has the same issue, but with a nose landing gear that is also too long.
Gemini still a nice model tho no issues
Yeah. I own the Gemini until recently when I acquired the NG and sold the Gemini. If you want another Qantas 787, there is a standard livery version from Gemini that is still floating around.