Virtually fixing up the Phoenix 747


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Just for fun, I decided to tweak this Qantas B747-200 in Photoshop.

PHX747 fixed.jpg

Here's what i've done:

1) The fuselage height was reduced - a HUGE improvement, in my opinion. The fuselage looks slim now, instead of the bloated original look. The 747 even looks longer now. The nose looks so much better now, I'd say it looks very accurate!

2) The nose gear was brought forward (closer to the nose)

3) The wing was brought aft

4) The rudder gap was reduced. Maybe can't be seen too much due to the low quality of the pic.

5) Cockpit windows were enlarged - maybe the shape still doesn't look too right

I must say i'm very impressed. It looks so beautiful now :love: :ROFLMAO: reminds me of BigBird. The slimmer fuselage was such a big hit in the looks, in my opinion.
If only they could enhance it like this... I'd buy their Jumbos in a heartbeat!

Do you think I missed somehing else? These were the issues that bother me at most. Leave a comment about your thoughts!



  • PHX747 fixed.jpg
    PHX747 fixed.jpg
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how did you not mention the biggest and most notorious part - the nose.
but i must say it looks much better after PS.
apart from the shape, i don't really like the Phoenix's wing-fuselage joint being too round, JC's 744 has a better finish.