Tiny Mr Bean Boeing 747-400


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Every now and then a truly odd 400 scale model gets made and this Mr Bean inspired 747-400 from Tiny surely fits that bill. Read on for more information and how you can buy it:

I'd never thought to ever see something like this, but now I'm considering to get it as Mr Bean was part of my childhood lol. Anyone in Europe going to buy this?
Never expected Richard to talk about Tiny - as a local collector I am not particularly pleased with this brand 🫠 🫠

The brand is notorious for keep on telling everyone how hard they are trying to secure license, how much they do behind the doors, how bang-of-the -buck are their upcoming products, how passionate they are on making Tiny "the go-to brand for Hong Kong small scale models" when they frequently f up their products. Their pre-order can take as long as JC future release - if they ultimately decide to release, that's the best case. Worst they could just say "Imma head out" and just refund citing "New production plans/Difficulty in production/Orders not met expectation...". Even if they managed to get something out the QC is nonexistant - printing error, poorly affix stickers, scratched windows, literally everything that could go wrong goes wrong:cautious::cautious:

The shopping experience is also hideous - they would frequently make exclusives for specific occasions such as yearly 7-11 flash sale, Lunar New Year Market etc. that droves collectors mad with little to no proper action on stopping scalper. (Those scalpers would just exploit loopholes to gobble up everything available and immediately resell them at insane prices). It's even more confusing when they would just re-release similar models just few months after the exclusives are released. Rumours are that Tiny have special relations with some scalpers and would prioritize their orders before everyone else - the theory is exemplified by some sought-after release been seen at scalper's shops in large quantities on the day of release and a scalper opening insult collectors saying that it sourced the majority of models available in market and showing pictures of them stuffed in carton boxes of Tiny. Tiny's online shop and livestream promotion events frequently land them on hot waters - once, they would sell too many products online that they ultimately have to make extras to cover the exceeded part after they get booed for just refund random customers. Another time nobody successfully paid for the products they ordered in the livestream sale and get their orders revoked by Tiny. Tiny reinstated all orders and accept late payments after collectors just raised the issue to the consumer council and intervened.

You probably would see huge discounts on this model if you're willing to wait for a bit - I recall Tiny having difficulty in selling their aircraft models and would offer huge discounts trying to shake them off from store shelves - the Bruce Lee one was so heavily discounted that aircraft model retailers here all scratched their heads on how Tiny would make a profit with that price a few months after they're available.

Btw I remember they have sourced JC for some SF Airlines models and sold them under their name here in Hong Kong. This would explain why ATC prefix (Used by Tiny) were used when JC released them outside Hong Kong rather than in the JC traditional EW/LH/SA/XX prefix.