SALE and/or TRADE lot of 1:400 and some 1:500 and 1:72 scale models


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Hey everyone,

Over the years that I've been collecting, I've had to change my criteria a few times which lead to some models no longer being a part of my collection.
On top of that, sometimes I could only obtain a certain model I wanted if I bought a whole collection, and sometimes I've helped a friend out by buying theirs.

This however has lead to me having a rather large amount of models looking to go to a new home.

Have a look here and let me know if there's anything of interest to you.
All models are either in a brand new condition, or actually brand new unless otherwise stated in the notes. Most boxes do have some limited shelf wear.
Feel free to pm me and ask for pictures of anything that interests you.

Shipping from the Netherlands, models will be packed well but shipping costs and the risk of shipping are for the buyer.

I'm always open to trade offers to trade these models for models of Dutch carriers like KLM, Martinair, Transavia etc, and for Big Bird / Aeroclassics 747 models.
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