SALE 1:400 and 1:200 Scale 3D printed GSE


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I have recently started designing a bunch of as realistic as I can get GSE most designs have not been tested in 1:400 Today i Launched the first Product 1:200 Scale "Baggage" Bundle Including 4 Baggage Carts, 1 Tractor, and 1 Baggage Loader. I am trying to get 1:400 GSE Pushed out but I need to print and get product photos for each item. Most likely Before the end on January 1:400, GSE will be for sale. The rest of the 1:200 items will be listed soon hopefully.

Here are the Designed items
  • CRJ Stairs
  • GPU
  • Baggage Carts
  • Tractor
  • Belt Loader (tug660)
  • Tug (FMC B700) (with Towbar)
  • Jetbridge
  • Fuel Truck
  • Lav Truck

    And A Catering Truck, Air Stairs are to be designed next if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

    If you would like the purchase the Only Item for Sale at the moment the eBay Link is here all necessary. Information can be found in the description.