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TWA Lockheed L-1049G (1:400) N6937C from Dragon Wings 2003.

(This model has been in storage for almost 20 years from when I bought it. Now visible in my display shelfs.)

Built in 1957 but was stored at Lockheed as N5400V due to a cancelled order. Sold to Slick Airways in September 1959 as N6937C. Later converted into freighter in November 1968 for Bal Trade. Restoration of the aircraft started by ”Save-A-Connie” in December 1986. TWA fleet_4.JPGTWA L-1049G_1.JPGTWA L-1049G_2.JPGStill active.
Yes, it is OK. But the metal box looks even better.
I’m selling some duplicates so I had to search for the boxes and found this old TWA. Completly forgot I had it.
With the box laying flat, at first glance it almost looks lke a hangar, the lid looks like the top of the doors.