Northern Pacific 757

It's a gorgeous scheme - especially with those blues/greens on the winglets. Had suggested this to NG as soon as the aircraft was revealed.
I've increasingly been dismayed by JC/GJ print & artwork QC especially on their narrows - here too the artwork has a lot of design sloppiness (especially those lines on the tail) - and as usual the cockpit printing. Crispness is lacking too.
Recently I decided to let go of the GJ Condor Blue 757 - the bands aren't even parallel! Compare that to NG's recent Condor A321s & why even go that far - even PH's Condor A321s had better print quality.
I guess it doesn't matter to many or isn't so visible to many - but I'm an architect and I draw as well so yeah I guess it becomes even more apparent
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Would love to own this model but the printing is pretty bad. The whole window line including the cockpit is way too high. Looks pretty odd. The titles are too bold. And so on...