NG Tu 154 wing anhedral fix


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Just thought to initiate this small thread on how we can assist @ngmodels / @ngmodelsglobal to fix the wings on their excellent Tu 154s.

In my view, that's the only thing that needs some tweaking. Otherwise the model examples we have seen so far illustrate the remarkable accuracy of the mould. For me, the successful replication of the distinctive nose and cockpit in itself is a sheer win, not to mention the excellent tail section, the wing profiles and generally the fuselage, with the accurate engines. The sharp , tail down nose up, missile like posture and profile for me has always been a delight to observe about the Tu-154s, and thankfully the NG mould captures it beautifully.

To kind of state the issue under discussion, the Tu-154s like many other Soviet airliners of the time, has a distinctive anhedral (downward) sweep. NG replicates the sweep angle in plan (top) view beautifully, and while the model wing does show the anhedral at the wing roots, it inexplicably has a gentle curve or bend upwards towards the tip, which should otherwise be lower than the wingroot.
In my view this is the only major mod required on the M version - we have yet to see the other versions so those cannot be discussed at this time.

Yes the nose gear axle width needs to be shorter too, such that the space between the two wheels is reduced. But I'm guessing that's an aspect of 1:400 scale and as such will be great to sort out but not a deal breaker at all.

Thanks for reading this.
Now over to you, fellow collectors!

No real issue IMO. Slightly bend them down and they're good. Those 2-3° positive on the inner wing only catch the eye when looking head on. The real thing had 0° on the wing underside.

The one issue I have with NGs 154M are the slightly high mounted #1/3 engines. No easy fix for this.
And I so hope they get their 154A/B mould fixed. The sample was a gross disappointment.
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