NG Models Boeing 757-200 Sample Moulds


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Following up yesterday's announcement video I take a closer look at the pair of 200 scale 757 sample moulds sent to me by NG Models, which cover two engine and two wingtip variants. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more exclusive content like this:

Wow, the detail on the gear is absolutely nutty. That's one area where existing 200-scale models could use some improvement, so kudos to NG. Also nice to see accurate fan blades, since current 1:200s sacrifice blade shape and spacing for the spinning hollow-core gimmick. The nosegear fit is a little disappointing though, I was expecting it to be less wobbly.

Now, what will NG's first 200-scale widebody be? I think a Tristar would be smart, as the only competition is the old IF200.