NG 767

Ok, now that I've processed what I'm seeing, one thought is in grabbing my attention. Gemini is not going to be happy. They just made a major move, announcing their 767-400, and now NG goes ahead and announces another one! (And likely a superior one at that, considering what we have seen of GJ's 764.)

I don't need any more -200s, but I would absolutely love to see some Ansett (especially the Sydney 2000 livery), Qantas, Australian Airlines, Air New Zealand, Air Nuigini and BA Landor -300s.
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Wow that's unexpected - any chance a China Airlines 762 / EVA 763:love::love:
Or if there's an A300/A310 in the storage...🫢
God bless if they ever made a CI in old colors. They would definitely be criticised for obvious reasons of insulting...:ROFLMAO:🫢🫢
it appears that they have made wing tip have the correct cut out that the non winglet 767s have, pretty sure this is the first model to correctly represent this?


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Will all these new mould coming JC for sure isn't happy and must be sweating.The release models in 6 months sometimes a year. By that NG announces and releases .