I see NG models have advertised they will be displaying their first showing of the 767 series in 1.400 scale at the Toronto aviation show. They kept that quiet.
Not really? If i’m not mistaken the Panda 764s that got released should be NG moulds given it’ll be a while before we get them. I know they share moulds here and there but I don’t know if they did again this time or Panda hopped on the bandwagon too.
Saw some images of them posted elsewhere and biggest thing I noticed was the curved part at the bottom front of the vertical stabiliser looks a bit long, the jc wings/gemini jets 777-300er has the same look and it annoys me to no end.
Not trying to spoil the party, but recently heard from a source that the NG 767 mould are having quite a problematic background - Panda is accusing NG for IP theft - again!🫢
I am rather sceptical, though given NG's history with Panda on these issues (A320ceos, A330ceos, Tu-204) I ain't surprised though. :confused:
The fact that both companies devoted themselves into an aircraft type that is only rolling out in low numbers every year with little new customers just makes little sense to me...
Panda is extremely unhappy, as their 764s are ready to be send off to market. Seems like only by then we can make comparisons to confirm the bold claim as we currently only have seen NG's offering.
Also hear a wild claim that aside from Panda, NG also steal JC's 777 to their use. I believe that's more of a reverse engineering on JC 777s should it be true - as from measurements on both 77W they are eerily similar in some aspects - Refer to my past post here to look up the figures. Though NG 777s are inferior to JC - in my opinion though.
And yet AK accuses NG and Panda of using the same factory - at least in part.

NG's 777s don't bare a lot of similarity to JC Wings version so I don't see that as being at all likely.

There is no history as far as I'm aware between NG and Panda re A320s. The moulds aren't similar and perhaps you're confused with Panda's obvious cloning of the Aeroclassics A320 and A330s. Panda did I believe accuse NG of stealing the A330s but the timelines don't add up for that, although clearly NG have gained access to the Panda A330-200F. As I understand it Panda never owned the moulds for the A330s or indeed the C919, ARJ21 and Y-20 which all moved from Panda to NG.

The NG Tu-204 is also clearly not the same as the Panda version. Definitely not a clone.

One of the issues is if moulds are excellent they should look the same!! The fact they don't is more of an indictment of the build process.
The 767 mould looks really good. Whilst I never thought the current 767 moulds were that bad, its nice that NG have improved which hopefully should encourage others to improve aswell. I'm hoping that NG chooses to release a TUI or Icelandair aswell as the ensemble of North American carriers.