New Inflight200 Release


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Looks like Inflight200 has recently put out a new release, also attached an image I found of part of the release. We don't carry Inflight200 (may change in the future), but I do enjoy collecting Royal Jordanian models and will probably get the RJ 742 that came out.

Peach A320-200
SAS Scandinavian Airlines A321-200
Air Transat B 737-800
Singapore Airlines B 737-8MAX
Lauda Air B 767-300
Lauda Air B 767-300
Korean Air A330-300
Lufthansa A340-300
Cathay Pacific A330-300
Singapore Airlines A340-300
ATA American Trans Air L-1011
Qantas Airways A330-300
Icelandair B 737-8MAX
Royal Jordanian B 747-200
Loftleidir DC-8-63
United States Air Force DC-10-30
Portuguese Air Force L-188 Electra
United States Air Force B 707-300
Ansett Australia F-28
JAL Japan Airlines DC-8-62 IMG_8326.JPG
I'm getting the Icelandair 7M8 as something I might potentially fly in in the future.
Should be a nice model, GJ also put one out in 1/200 recently but the GJ one has a light blue accent and the inflight200 has a purple accent. Not sure what the color difference means.
Yes, two years. Pre-ordered a way back and still showing as pre-order. Hopefully arrive this year........hopefully!