New Gemini Jet future releases

TAM Fokker 100! Fantastic release. Finally!!! :love:
I already have it as a custom model but the quality isn't the best. Hopefully, if GJ don't mess it up, i'll pick this one to replace my version.

The USAir MD-82 is also a fantastic release. Good to see more and more MadDogs.
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The AF1 looks sick. I was considering getting the IF200, but passed due to the wing joint.
Thank you, GeminiJets! Super pleased with their efforts as of late! I'm stoked for these! Gemini has been demonstrating a tremendous amount of effort when it comes to their model variety lately!
Lots of excellent variety! Nothing for me, but seeing these makes me excited for the rest of the year. Certainly one of Gemini’s best years yet!
Was going to post this in addition to the photos earlier but I forgot:
Great set, mostly for US collectors though. Nevertheless some pleasing models in this future batch:

- Air Wisconsin retro, Alaska Kraken MAX, Spirit NEO, and USAir MD-80 will all be joining my collection once they’re announced.
- I would love to get the Western 727 in 1:200 too but I wish they would do a 1:400 version. Seeing as they didn’t announce a 1:400 model as a future release I can only assume they aren’t doing it, but hey, I’ve been proven wrong in the past, so we’ll see what ace they have up their sleeve…
- The Fanhansa A330 and TAM F-100 aren’t of my interest but should still satisfy collectors in their respective countries. Still though I’m curious to see the photos.
- AF1 is quite odd considering they’ve done both tail numbers in the past. Seeing as the USF is getting the 748s in the not-so-distant future, I’m guessing GJ is wanting to cash in on an opportunity for collectors to get the current AF1 one more time, and considering the demand on the secondhand market is for AF1, this should be a sellout.
- Nothing much to comment on the USAF KC-135, other than the fact that the livery is nice.
The Fanhansa A330 from GJ on the mediocre JC mould isn't worth it with the top-of-the-line NG one still available and on the best A330 mould around. The PH one is still available too which is the 2nd best option.
That TAM Fokker piques my interest but if they stick that horrendous large nose wheel on this one again, then sorry am not getting it.
That USair mad dog is probably the best of the bunch. Great to see the mould being used but unfortunately not frequently enough at all imo.
Looks really gorgeous! I already own a custom model of the TAM F100 but it does have some flaws, so I actually wonder if i'll replace with this Gemini release someday.