Mould Review - Boeing 717


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One of the key areas of Yesterday's Airlines are the mould reviews. These are not detailed descriptions or ratings of the moulds (that's covered in other sections) but are a central place to understand the status of individual aircraft types in 400 scale:
  • How many models have been made
  • The chronology of moulds
  • Brief description of the mould characteristics
  • Photographs showing the moulds
  • Links to other collateral like wishlists, detailed reviews, mould comparison ratings

My latest review covers the Boeing 717, a type that rather fell between the cracks of the MDD and Boeing merger and didn't really get the opportunity it deserved. In 400 scale it has had more moulds than I thought it had but the usage of them is a little complicated thanks to the changing relationship between Phoenix and Gemini. Coverage has not been great, with just over 40 models made including a lot of duplication, but the moulds exist to fix that if manufacturers want to:

Great evaluation on the 717 in 400 scale. Most certainly this mould is underused, there are plenty other models that could be made to help fulfill that part of the market.