Model Review - Continental Airlines Boeing 777 N77014 'Peter Max' by NG Models


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NG has made quite a lot of 777s but the vast majority have past me by due to the subjects. It is only in the past couple of months I got my first and now I have 3, helped by some more retro choices. The Peter Max scheme is beautiful and yet I had never acquired any of the earlier releases. I'm certainly happy to get this one and it gives me the opportunity to re-evaluate the NG 777 mould a year and a half after I received the original samples:

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I have 4 NG 777-200s thus far - the BA Chelsea Rose, AA Chrome, Aeromexico and the AI regular scheme.
Love the impeccable engine detailing and the correct nose-down stance. The undercarriage, as you point out is lovely too. Sharp.
Agree on the nose gear door size -and am on the fence on the APU processes. JCs look great - but Av400's exemplifies what if the proportion goes off.
The NG's cockpit windows look odd from certain angles - but absolutely perfect from others - which I must point out is similar to JCs - although in different ways.
I guess if JC corrects the landing gear heights to get that nose down stance, it'll be perfect