Model Review - China Postal Boeing 777F Interactive by JC Wings


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I really like the idea of the interactive series and without a nose cargo door presumably there's less to criticise of the 777 for those that have not been fans. After only receiving a couple of JC Wings models last year 4 late 2023 releases have arrived in January and this is my first look at the interactive 777.

Not a lot of love for China Postal hey ;)

While I was photographing the new JC Wings 777F for this review I got out its stablemates. 4 models from 4 different brands: 737-300 (Aeroclassics), 737-400 (Panda), 757 (NG Models) and 777 (JC Wings)

That 734 is gorgeous - love that version of the scheme. The AC 733 is on a PM mould?
Been loving the recent 733s & 734s that PMs been releasing - wish they'd do more of those - such great moulds.
Hopefully we'll see a lot more of these - including those KLMs released on the inferior JC mould besides re-releases of Aer Lingus etc .
Picked up the recent MU 733, and LH and SQ Cargos. Gorgeous models
There's a Rising Blue 733 that's on my wishlist - hoping we'll get a Saul Bass soon. And of course waiting to pick up that Transbrasil 734