Icelandair 80’s white and blue livery.


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When I started collecting 1:400 I could never imagine that I should have any Icelandair in 80`s livery in my collection. Now they are four and a fifth inbound (B737-400 from JC Wings). But who know’s when?

DC-10 N1035F (AC) DC-8 TF-FLF (AC), B727-200 TF-FLI (AC) and B757 TF-FII (NG).

Didn’t fly them often in the 80´s but I flew once on B727-200 TF-FLI in 1982.


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Very nice, this livery looks especially great on the DC-10. Hopefully we can see some more of it in the future, and JC finally getting the 737-400 to market.
Don’t blame you for collecting these, I prefer these even more than the newer special livery Icelandair aircraft. Very clean design
Yes, the NG is very nice. But I’m happy that Aeroclassics did the others.
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