How many 1/400models can you fit in a cabinet?


Hey all,
Ordering 6 new cabinets for my new 'man cave' aviation room in the apartment I've moved into with my wife.
The 6 cabinets will have models by geo location - Australia/Oceania, Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, China, Japan etc), Africa (+middle East + northern Asia - India, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc), Europe, USA/Canada and number 6 will be the rest of America + Carribbean etc. 4 cabinets will be 1 meter wide, 500cm breadth and 2 meter's high, looking at around 10-13 shelves a cabinet.
Mix is about 50% narrow boddies/props, 30% medium and 20% widebodies. Anyone have similar sized cabinet? How many models do you fit inside it?
Using some quick maths: 10 shelves, 100x50cm per shelf and average space required of about 11x11cm per model, you can fit around 400 models in a single cabinet.
Remember that each shelf is only 20cm high, so the models in the back will be difficult to see and move. I would use the bottom and top shelves as box storage, so the models are at eye level.
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I like that number, given that my oceanic fleets are more than 270 models (with around 65 heavies- 25 being 747's) it would be really nice to fit them all into one cabinet.
Of my collection, around 160 are 747's so this may increase the average size of my models a bit, hoping for around 350 a cabinet, so at least I have some room for expansion.