I was wondering do you guys know a fix to the 737 Max 8 gears slanting? I know it possibly has to do with the mould being pretty heavy in comparison to the 737 ng’s. I know I could avoid this by gluing it (which I wanna avoid) or just simply displaying them on a stand (which is always an option but just not currently). Both my WN Max and my new United 737 Max 8 have those issues. 64272441-31A1-4AE0-8A39-E7A8BC404D86.jpeg
This is another ridiculous issue Gemini cant seem to fix, I miss the heavy zinc 1st releases. While their gear was fixed at least the gear stood correct. You can’t get everything right with Gemini, 😆 That wouled cost another 20.00!
Could you put a little piece of paper or something on the inside the back side of it to lift it up?
I was thinking about cutting a small piece of like double sided tape to fix it. but idk if it'll work due to the weight of the model (of course there's no harm in trying lol)