Gemini Jets - Resurgence of Aircraft Types in 2023

JJ Skippy

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So I’ve been taking a look back at Gemini Jets releases so far this year and I’m currently trying to think of aircraft types that saw a resurgence of releases this year; how I’m defining this is a type that has seen multiple releases this year (threshold is five more releases than in the last calendar year or in the last several years).

One that comes to mind is the MD-80 which has five releases, up from zero in 2022. I suspect there might be others, so if you know other types, let me know, thanks!
I think it's been a while since they released Fokker 100s.
The recent TAM release was a nice resurgence, I guess...
They did do one last year (an Alliance one) but yeah it was nice to see another one of those. The last release before the one in 2022 was a QantasLink three years prior.
A model I would add to this list is the Ilyushin IL-62M - which is not a significant " resurgence" like the other moulds (IL-62M: 1 made this year, none in 2022, 1 by GJ in 2021; other moulds counted were disappeared for quite sometimes). And it is the only GeminiJets that I add this year (counting both new releases and old releases - which is significant for me bcz GJ is a large and legacy manufacturer).