For Sale: Custom Ground Service Vehicles


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Hello everyone!

I would like to offer my custom 3D printed Ground Service Vehicles if anyone was interested. Here are a few examples arranged around a 1:400 model:

My current models ready to 3D print include:
Catering Truck, Retracted Position
Catering Truck, Raised Position
Passenger Bus
Fuel Truck
Pushback Tug with Towbar
Towbarless Tug (not pictured)
Passenger Luggage Carts and Tow Vehicle
Passenger Luggage Conveyor Loader
Freight Container Flatbed Carts and Tow Vehicle
Freight Container Loading Lifts


Please send me a message with MAF's "Conversation" feature if you are interested. I am happy to print in different scales or add specific paintjobs/decals!

Thank you!
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I am interested in purchasing an older 1:400 Gemini Jets 737, preferably damaged. I am searching for a replacement horizontal stabilizer for one of my first diecast models, a Gemini Jets AirTran Airways 737-700. Here's a picture:


I have seen a few posts about replacement parts and thought I might add my request.

Thank you!
DM me and we can work something out. :D