Final China Southern A380-800


The final China Southern A380 flew to LAX on Sunday. She was the only passenger carrying Quad-Jet during the pandemic. I saw it a good 12 times in the past 10 years. Some I am too young to remember. Seen it at my grandmas house and at the famous LAX IN-IN-OUT. Many overlooked it after other Quad-jets began coming back like the Emirates Asiana British Airways and Qantas A380s came back. She was the night beast coming in every day around 7 or 6. She was a beauty. This is the 3d Quad-jet LAX has lost in the last month. With Lufthansa ending a340-600 and 300 service last month. Should be coming back next year though. I fell like too many of us overlook livery's or types of airplanes. We overlooked the American chrome livery and poof it was gone. Same with the Boeing 747. We just look at airline news one days and they are gone. We need to look at every plane with awe because one day they will be a thing of the past. Anyway R.I.P the China Southern A380.


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May the China Southern whale rest in peace... I saw her many times in Guangzhou, such a beautiful livery and aircraft.
Seen them quite often in Guangzhou, CAN, on arrival or departure. Looked very nice. Sad to see them go.