eBay Sale: 1:400 Models.


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Hello collectors !

I have listed twelve models for auction on eBay. If you are interested in any of the following
- GeminiJets Southwest 737-700 Texas One
-Gemini Jets Southwest 737-700 Louisiana One
-GeminiNets Southwest 737-700 Retro Livery
-GeminiJets Southwest 737-700 Illinois One
-NG Japan Airlines 787-9
-3x NG Westjet 737-800’s (all different registrations)
-JC Wings Austrian 767-300ER
-Phoenix Vietnam Airlines 787-9
-GeminiJets American 737-800 Astrojet
-Phoenix Cubana IL-96-300 (not pictured, in Aeroflot hybrid livery)

feel free to head to my eBay @acaymeth47



happy Halloween everyone 🎃✈️