Does anyone on this forum own pre-production models?


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What i mean by pre-production model, is a model with a very limited production run (like single digits), made specifically to act as a prototype for a model before it is eventually released.
Do any of you own such models?
I have this GJ Swissair DC-8 with polished fuselage. It has a different registration on the wing compared to the fuselage for some reason. 6 pieces made according to DIMA.
Not sure where I bought it from, but the carton box is what came with it (and plastic blister ofcourse).
I find these pre-production models fascinating. How do they get out to the public; is it someone from the factory that “leaks” it to the outside world, or for licensed models, perhaps they are sent to the airline for them to examine so they can approve or deny production, then they somehow get out there?

It’s definitely interesting they get out there but I always wonder the “how” aspect of it.
As much as I wish I did, I do not. Although, if anyone has a GJ Qantas Concorde that they would be willing to part with, my wallet is open...