Creating your own decals

Jolly Roger

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As a hobby I have been making custom models for over 10 years of Airlines and liveries that had, or have not been produced by mainstream manufacturers.
I mainly concentrate on UK based airlines (past and present ) in 1/200 scale but have made several 1/400’s. To date I have made 178 custom models in 3 scales (7 in 1/500, 87 in 1/400, 84 in 1/200), and replicated 72 Airlines and using 31 different airframes. For all but 1 I have created my own decals and in 2017 I was asked by the Model Airliner magazine to write an article on how to create your own decals and this is the link to that article should you be interested.

l hope the content is of some help if you have ever contemplated making your own custom model
I am not as skilled as you Mike and also do not have a laser colour printer, so I have got some commercial decal sellers to reduce some decals to 1/400. F-Dcal and 26Decals have done these for a SABENA DC-3 and Cambrian Airways Viscount, neither made by any diecast manufacturer.SABENA DC-3 (1).jpgCambrian Viscouint (1) - Copy.jpg
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