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I was hoping to start a thread with discount codes to retailers. I had mostly been using one for Midwest, but nothing's been updated lately and the pre-order section has been removed. Apologies in advance if this is the wrong section to do this or is a bad thread to begin with.
Get on the Pandafox mailing list, or buy something from them and you will get a code every month, or every time you purchase something from them. They have reasonable prices (for new releases, they get a bit too excited with their collection sale items) and free shipping in the U.S. pretty difficult to bit those guys for new releases of the brands they carry.

Nick from the Texan Airplane Store also posts codes on Facebook for what seems to be every new set of releases of the brands he carries.
VIPGOLD is for Jetcollector
BOBCAT is for Eztoys
FACEBOOK is for WaffleCollectibles

I did not know about the JetCollector code and I purchase quite a bit from them. I do take advantage of their free UPS shipping, and their lower-than-average Phoenix prices. I knew the codes for Waffle and Eztoys, but always forget to use them...

Thanks Mike!
Aircraft Model Store releases some good discount codes every now and then for those subscribed on their newsletter... they´re specially good when purchasing phoenix models given that they sell them at a very competitive price