British Airways Flight No BA001

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BA fight number BA001 was originally given to the Concorde route from LHR to JFK but after it ceased operations the flight number transferred to an Airbus A318 travelling from London City airport to JFK via Shannon. This route made it easier for City gents to commute between the financial centres of London and New York, albeit a bit slower. I think the A318 was one of the smallest commercial airframes to fly a regular scheduled trans Atlantic service. The west bound route required a refuelling stop in Ireland but the eastbound service was possible to be non-stop due to the Atlantic jet stream.
The model is a Herpa production and probably the first manufacturer to release a 1/400 scale diecast A318.118736E1-3172-4145-A4C4-C5369D36C20A.jpeg40FA401A-3EEB-4FBE-B366-A8481EF0EDBF.jpegF4345420-29D9-4C90-8E18-2924A668263E.jpeg
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Epic! I had no clue Herpa made this! To be honest, Herpa had/has many molds that are quite nice that they haven't used much, I wonder why? Like Qantas992 said, excited to see that NG one!
I got the Herpa too, then added the recent NG red nose example. I wonder if BA will reallocate the flight number some day ?


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