AVIATION400 747's nostalgy


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Hello Collectors,

Does anyone like the 400Aviation 747 Mold?

Taking advantage of the holidays and timing for relaxing at home I spent time cleaning and organizing my collection is I was surprise how many 747s made by aviation 400 several years ago, also It is nice to see how good is their mold, based on @yesterdayAirlines (Read the website, such of good source of information) the mold was based in a BigBird Mold, what yes they look very similar to not said the same.
I was hopping this thread reach's out many people that share the same feeling than me and take wakes up 400 Aviation and bring back the queen mold.

Happy holidays everyone!!

I have just recently picked up the classic 747s and got lucky to score some great models (by BB and AV400) and I must say the AV400 747 is taking the lead with the seamless mould and high detail accuracy, also the gears are rollable which is nice. It is unfortunate that AV400 have not utilized this mould for longer given its high precision. I would love to see the reuse of this tooling. Here are the 2 AV400 747 arrival of this year for me:
- First a custom model done by a fellow collector of mine - Đặng Tùng, who also made wonderful Tu-134s custom, is this pure white Persian Queen - the Fars Air Qeshm Boeing 747-281F EP-FAA. I understand that the donor choice did not perfectly match the original as the real aircraft had the modern wing-body-fairing of the 744 that was a tiny detail any producer could notice. But it turned out to be a beautiful model and I am glad to have this model in my collection. The donor was a CargoB 747. I notice that all B747 Freighter that in reality has a nose cargo door did not have this feature on the model version.

The second model is in its original form and I consider it to have a perfect combination of classic livery and the stunning mould. Introducing Swissair Boeing 747-357(M) HB-IGD in the renowned 1980-era "Chocolate Bar" livery. Oh boy it is a pure classics. I found that the JT9Ds were a bit to small but anyways the model is great!
Do you wish a return for AV400 747 moulds? What liveries are your personal favorite on this casting?
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Indeed the original BB400 tooling was the parent for this AV400/IF400 version which really was a step up with the seamless slotted wings, eliminating the cradle join. The V-tail and horizontal stabilisers were also fixed, and had the correct tail chord/pitch. Sadly this came too late and the mould never got the use it deserved, and the factory liquidated soon after in 2014. That mould has since disappeared!

I love this casting, I have a BA Landor 747-136 made on it under the later ''InFlight400'' brand which came after AV400 in the last few years of their existence. Looking out for the Air Algerie release as well. If NG were never to produce a new 747 Classic then this would be the next best thing, if it also had some updated JT9D engines as yes, they are undersized! But it has vanished and only the cradle version gets used by JC on rare occassions these days.
Would be cool if AV400 made some new 747 moulds, maybe a -400, since they only focus on modern types. The 777X they're currently working on isn't a big priority anyway, as it'll be several years before we see any real regs.
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I wish the AV400 mould got more use. It had a lot going for it: it's seamless, has rolling gears, a corrected tail and pylons when compared to BB400 747s, etc, etc. It's a shame it has seemingly vanished, and if it still exists it is probably in the massive JC catalogue, never to be seen again. 😞
The current AV400 company does not have access to this mould. They have a fully packed slot for 2023 so no planning for 747 mould this year. I will try to persuade them to do new 747 mould for 2024 or 2025... keep bugging them :LOL: