Aviation museums in Europe


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For 2024 I am considering to travel through Europe and visit some (civil) aviation museums and random old dislayed aircraft along the way. Which ones do you guys recommend? Not counting the Aviodrome museum in The Netherlands, because I can visit that any weekend if I want to šŸ˜

I currently have these on my list:
Technikmuseum Speyer (Germany)
Technikmuseum Sinsheim (Germany)
AĆ©roscopia (France)
MusƩe de l'Air et de l'Espace (France)
MusƩe Delta Athis Paray Aviation (France)
Polish Aviation Museum (Poland)
Museo del Aire madrid (Spain)
If you are on the way to Speyer / Sinsheim you might make a stop at the Museum in Hermeskeil. They have a Comet and VC-10 in their collection and many more unique planes. Unfortunately some are in a bad condition.

Check out their website with a complete list: https://www.flugausstellung.de/