Airport Terminals


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Hi All. I have recently been looking at creating a new airport display for my models, and I was wondering how you all make your terminal buildings. I had looked at the GJ ones but I thought they looked a bit plasticky and cheap. Any recommendations? And also, is 3D printing a good way to go with terminal buildings? Thanks
I have appropriated from many places... Lego, old toys, polystyrene sheets. I have just started my 1:400 scale model airport facade (since my airport sits on suspended shelves.

This guy was a great inspiration....



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Outstanding! Would like to try this sometime! I'm considering upgrading to some 3D printed terminals, while pricey, they are so nice.
It is so much fun to build it you're way from the ground up. Wish I had more time or I would for more airports. I might have to consider it again.
Thank you for the advice! I don't know if I have the time nor skill to handmade them, but I do have a 3D printer readily available so I will see how they turn out. Once again thanks. :)
I 3d print terminals, for me and others. I like it because the sky is the limit. I also do the modeling which to me is part of the fun. :)

If you have access to a 3D printer, that is not a bad way to go.