$15,000 CRJ-550!!!!


This United Express 1:200 CRJ-550 is the most expensive model I have ever seen on EBAY. Who is really going to pay the price of a car for a model that is no more than 6 inches long. This takes the record for the most expensive model I have ever seen.


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MH aviation

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I was wondering the same thing
i doubt it. even if i had that money and i dreamt of getting it, i still wouldent as you could like fly around the world like 9 times in buisness class on a 747 lol!
thats insane $14900 USD is like $20 grand here in canada


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did it sell?

Not yet, even though the seller corrected it to 149.00 as expected.

I'm always amazed about the sensation caused by such auctions.
I may try that myself with one auction to check how this publicity boosts clicks for the others.