1:400 Reykjavik-Mossfellsbær Int’l Airport (RKI)


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For most of my time collecting, my collection has been varied between mostly American and European planes, so today I thought to myself, what region can I have widebody and narrowbody planes from both continents fly to? So I took a look at the map and settled on a location for an airport where I could have both continents’ planes fly to, and I settled for a large valley just east of Reykjavik, near the town of Mossfellsbær for my fictional airport. So I spent a few minutes making a route map (yes I know it says KEF, that’s the closest airport to the location I chose), and planning which airlines will fly there. Nevertheless, here’s the schedule and some pics.

RKI-FRA (Lufthansa A340-300)
RKI-SDF (UPS 747-8+MD11F)
RKI-JFK (JetBlue A320, Delta 757-300, American A321)
RKI-ATL (Delta A321neo)
RKI-EWR (United 757-200, Alaska 737-800/900)
RKI-ORD (United 737 MAX 8)
RKI-ARN and RKI-OSL (SAS A320neo, alternates daily)
RKI-LAX (Delta A350-900)
RKI-LAX-NRT (ANA A380-800, JAL A350-1000)
RKI-IAD (United 737 MAX 8)
RKI-LHR (Virgin Atlantic A340-600, British Airways 747-400)
RKI-SEA (Alaska A321neo)
RKI-MSP (Delta A330-900neo)
RKI-MAN (Jet2 A330-200)


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