NG Models Rewards Program

And I have to say it they clearly don't have a lot of stock in the exchange mall as 3 others I wanted were out of stock after 15 minutes.
Just came across this on FB. Looks like there were some issues earlier and they’ve since restocked the exchange mall.


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If I'm being honest this reward plan so far is kind of a mess. But anything that is new would need experimenting and I'm sure in the future this program would work a lot better.
If I'm being honest this reward plan so far is kind of a mess.
Their website is a mess and a real pain to use IMO. And they sure need someone in their communications (English).
The plan itself is abolutely great however for so many reasons and I see some potential for this feature as well.
I'd love to aquire spares or even unassembled blanks through this channel.
So far I've exchanged both blanks they had on offer and I'm curious to see how it works out.
Yeah the website can be a pain to use sometimes. I honestly preferred the older format better. Getting spares via this program would sure be nice though!
Thought I might give an update here...
Received the two exchanged models today.
Initially all this exchange was quite a bit of chaos and I had canceled my exchange after details about payment (how much?) were unclear.

To my biggest surprise I received an email from NG asking why I wouldn't want my models and in some good and friendly com - now in good English (better than mine:unsure:😄 ) - we got all questions cleared and the models were sent out.

A big thank you to NG for a set of awesome models and CRP and to Aviation Center Berlin for the great service.

A quick snap of my models - NG said there will be more blanks in future
NGblanksCRP by Alexander Kern, auf Flickr